Union Procedures

A- Membership and Resignation Procedures

Membership Procedures

Individuals can become members of trade unions established in their place of work. The individual applies to the union by completing and signing three copies of the membership form. The application is accepted if approved by the competent authority of the union. See Law no. 4688 on Public Trade Unions.


Resignation Procedures

Any union member may resign from membership. The individual who wishes to leave the union obtains a resignation form from the union representative and submits three completed and signed copies of the form to our Institution. See Law no. 4688 on Public Trade Unions.


B- Authorized Trade Union Procedure Determination

Authorized union procedures are determined through a meeting attended by a representative of the employer, the Head of the Personnel Department, and one representative from all unions operating in the institution. The meeting is held each year within the first five days following May 15th.


C- Administrative Board Procedures

Administrative Boards are made up of representatives of state employers and trade unions in order to discuss working discussions of state employees and legal equality. These boards meet twice a year.


D- Other Information regarding Unions