Application Procedures

Application and Recruitment Process

Please contact the relevant department of our Institute regarding the position you want to apply for, or you can fill out the form by visiting our International Academic Member/Resarcher website for a general application.

Acceptance and Recruitment Process

If our Institute needs human resources for the position you are applying for and your academic qualifications meet the requirements, the recruitment process will be initiated.

Your recruitment process will be evaluated in line with the conditions specified in our Institute’s Minimum Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria Principles and the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Employment of Foreign Lecturers and will be carried out in accordance with the Regulation on Promotion and Appointment to Faculty Membership.

During the application process


-Cv (Containing Photographs and Scientific Studies and Publications)

-Identification document

-Photocopy of the passport

-Foreign Language Certificate

-Diploma photocopies

-Scientific Studies and Publications

-Foreign Lecturer Information Form

— Your application file, which consists of the Minimum Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria Scoring Form (not required from lecturers), has been prepared digitally; You will be required to submit 1 copy for lecturers, 4 copies for Doctors and Associate Professors, and 6 copies for Professors with flash memory. The documents required to be filled in are prepared in Turkish in accordance with the legislation, and you can get help from the International Relations Office of our Institute during the information entry.

Your application documents will be sent to the Personnel Department after the necessary checks are made. Our Institute will be referred to the Foreign Academic Staff Investigation and Evaluation Commission to be evaluated in line with the Principles Regarding Minimum Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria and the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Employment of Foreign Academic Staff.

If the commission approves that you meet the application requirements and your qualifications, a copy of your application file will be sent to the independent jury members, inside and outside the institution, as per the regulation.

These jury members have to complete their examinations within two months for professors, and within one month for associate professors and doctoral faculty members at the latest and submit their evaluations to our Institute in a report.

There is no jury review stage for candidates who will apply for the position of lecturer.

The next step after the completion of the reports is to submit your application as a proposal to the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education, together with the decisions of the relevant boards. This offer includes your contract fee, and as a principle, 1.8 times the salary of the equivalent employees for the foreign lecturers who will work at our Institute for the first time, and 2.1 times the salary for those whose contracts will be extended.

If the Higher Education Executive Board also approves your application, your work and residence permit procedures will be initiated with the preliminary permit information given, and the processes will be processed with different processes depending on whether you are in Turkey or outside of Turkey.

Our institution will cover the transportation costs for you and your spouse if you are employed within the period specified in the contract.

If you start working in our institution, your work permit card will be delivered to you, and you will be able to benefit from the rights provided by the Social Security Institution Law No. 5510.

In all these processes, our International Relations Office staff will accompany you to ensure communication and facilitate your transactions.

Please contact us for any questions you may have about social rights, wages, housing, and other issues.