Training of Candidate Employees

Candidate employees are subjected to training during the hiring period.

Duration: The term lasts no less than one year and no more than two years starting from the date of appointment of first-time employees in public services.

Candidate employees receive the following education:

-Basic Training: All candidate employees undergo this training in order to become civil servants. This training covers common qualifications required by civil servants.

-Preparatory Training: Training related to the candidate employee’s institution or organization, branch and duties.

-Internship: Practical training for candidate employees concerning their duties in the institute or organization.

Candidates take an exam that measures their level of knowledge as part of assessments to be made after the basic and preparatory training periods. A minimum score of 60 is required.

Internship Principles:

Internship Goals: The aim of the internship is to give the candidate employee experience through practical application of theoretical knowledge obtained during the preparatory training period and other acquired knowledge and skills.

The Internship is completed within the candidacy period for a minimum of two months.