Establishing the Central Office, Assigning Administrative Tasks, Extending Employment

Appointment or Employment Extension of Board and Commission Memebers

Proposals of faculty or departments are considered along with directives by the Institute Senate. The board or commission is established through the Senate Decision to accept the directives. The chair, vice chairs and members of the board or commission are assigned administrative tasks according the the criteria in the directive.

Appointment or Employment Extension of Central Manager and Board of Directors Members

The establishment of th central office is carried out in accordance with Articles 7 d/2 and 14 of Law No. 2547 and Decision of the Board of Directors No. 2000.11.500 on the Higher Education Council practice and relearch center establishment dated 22/02/2000. The Central regulations approved by our Institute’s Senate is sent along with its central office proposal to the Higher Education Council. If the proposal is approved, it is sent to be published in the Official Gazette. Following the regulation’s publication in the Official Gazette, the appointment procudures are carried out according to the regulation appointment procedures.

Dean and Assistants/ Institute Director and Assistants/ Graduate School Director and Assistants

The dean is elected by the Council of Higher Education for a period of three years from three professors from within or outside the university proposed by the rector, and is appointed through normal procedures. The dean appoints at most two vice-deans among faculty members.

The appointment of the dean occurs at the same time as the appointment of the Institute/Graduate School Manager. The Institute/Graduate School director is selected by the Rector for a period of three years. At most two assistants are selected from the faculty members to assist the director in his duties.

Appointment of Department Chairs

Department chairs are selected from the departments’ professors (or if there are none, from the associate professors, or if there are none, from the assistant rofessors) by the faculty dean or rector for a period of three years. At the end of this period, the dean may be reappointed.