Employment Extension Procedures

Employment Extension Procedures for Assistant Professors

According to Article 23 of Law No. 2547, assistant professors can be hired for a maximum of four years. Employment ends at the end of each contract period, at which point the employee may be reappointed. Reappointment procedures must be initiated at least 2 months before the end of employment due to jury evaluation.

Employment Extension Procedures for Instructors

According to Article 31 of Law No. 2547, instructors can be appointed for a maximum of two years upon approval of the relevant administrative boards, the dean, and the rector. Reappointment is completed through the same procedures as initial appointment. Reappointment application must be initiated at least one month prior to the contract end date.

Employment Extension Procedures for Research Assistants

Research assistants can be appointed for a maximum of 1 year at a time. This time period may not exceed the maximum education period allowed for graduate students specified in the “Graduate Education Regulations.” According to these regulations, the maximum education period is 6 semesters for Master’s students and 12 semesters for PhD students. After this period, even if the student continues her or his studies (other than Master’s students moving onto their PhD), employment is terminated on the last day for submitting grades in the academic calendar of the relevant year.

Renewal offers from the relevant department chair must be sent by the relevant dean 1 month before the end of employment.

The date of termination of employment is the last date of grade submission for field of specialization and thesis classes, according to our Institute’s Senate Decision No. 5/2 dates Feb 7, 2012.