Application Procedures for Faculty Members:

In accordance with Higher Education Law no. 2547, relevant articles of Official Gazette “Regulation on Promotion and Appointment of Faculty dated June 12, 2018, Our Institute Principles on Minimum Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria, provisions of the Regulation on Principles of Foreign Language Education and Instruction through Foreign Language in Higher Education Institutions, and our Institute’s Senate Decision No. 15/5 dated May 21, 2019, approved faculty positions for our Institute’s departments are published in the Official Gazette. The published announcement is announced on our Institute’s website. The announcement period is at least 15 days.

Candidates meeting the conditions of the announcement must submit the following materials to the Rectorate Personnel Department:

– Faculty Member Application Petition and Application Form

– 2 photos

– (Number of copies of folder including all application materials: 6 for professors, 4 for associate and assistant professors)

(The IzTech Promotion and Appointment of Faculty Forms found on the IzTech Personnel Department webpage under the heading “Regulations” should be filled out by the applicant.)

Applicants should submit applications to the Rectorate Personnel Department (Gulbahce Village, IzTech Campus, Urla-Izmir).

-Photocopies of documents can be submitted during the application process, but the originals must be presented at the time of appointment.” For “True Copy of the Original” approval, you can apply to the Personnel Department.

At the end of the 15-day application period, the scientific publications, works and all other academic activities documented by the candidates in their applications are subject to a preliminary evaluation by a commission consisting of the chair of the relevant department and the faculty deans. The preliminary evaluation form is signed by this commission.

As a result of the preliminary evaluation, the files of the candidates whose applications are approved are sent to the jury determined in accordance with the relevant articles of the Regulation on Promotion and Appointment of Faculty. The jurors inform the rector of their opinions about the candidates for professor and associate professor positions. They inform the dean of the relevant faculty of their opinions concerning candidates for assistant professors.

The Institute Board of Directors offers their opinion of candidates for professor and associate professor positions. The relevant Faculty Board of Directors offers their opinion for candidates for assistant professor positions. Following correspondence with their institutions, candidates who are selected for promotion or appointment undergo security investigation procedures before being appointed.